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Discover the incredible HYP Underwear insoles for shoes, designed to naturally maintain a healthy environment for your feet.

Our cutting-edge active ingredient, Tra My Cinnamon Powder, has been recognized for decades in Southeast Asia for its antifungal, antibacterial properties and captivating aroma.


Each pair of HYP Underwear insoles is infused with pure cinnamon from an eco-friendly and sustainable plantation in Vietnam. The high concentration of pure cinnamon guarantees a pleasant olfactory experience and maximum effectiveness against foot odor and excessive sweating.


Our cinnamon insoles are specially designed to eliminate problems related to odor and humidity. They absorb perspiration while enveloping your feet in a subtle cinnamon scent. Their high-end design, careful assembly and 4-chamber system prevent any dispersion of powder inside your shoes, whether high heels, city shoes or sports shoes. In addition, the breathable surface ensures that your feet feel dry and comfortable all day long.


Say goodbye to slippery, wet soles. Opt for the ultimate innovation in comfort and hygiene with HYP Underwear insoles. Don't wait to experience a new dimension of well-being for your feet!

Cinnamon high-class comfort insoles HYP underwear

  • The advantages of insoles:

    • Comfortable walking feeling thanks to the air cushioning of the breathable mesh fabric

    • Cinnamon insoles help reduce sweating and prevent foot odor and blisters.

    • Relieves pressure on your legs (ideal for activities where standing is required) and contributes to well-being.

    • Balances temperatures. Your feet will never be too hot or too cold again!

    The unrivaled freshness experience of our Cinnamon insoles transforms every pair of shoes into an oasis of comfort. Each layer has been carefully designed to optimize the cooling effect of cinnamon.

    Thanks to its thermoregulatory power, cinnamon helps keep the feet warm in winter and reduces perspiration in summer. In addition, this spice diffuses a fragrance that neutralizes odors and stimulates the arch of the foot as well as the nerve and blood endings, reducing the feeling of heavy legs.

    The upper layer, made of soft mesh and breathable cotton, guarantees even distribution of the cinnamon aroma present in the lower layers. The multiple expertly executed seams not only prevent any cinnamon leakage, but also provide solid stability to the whole thing. The thin cellulose base layer ensures a stable and comfortable base.

    Finally, for optimal grip, the underside of the insole has a non-slip material. Each element has been carefully thought out to provide you with a superior comfort experience, while keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

    Adopt HYP Underwear's cinnamon insoles and discover a new level of well-being for your feet.


           Quick Dry

          Anti odor and anti bacterial 

           High moisture absorption

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